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  • Name Mark Kramer
  • Company REmark
  • Industry Manufacturing
  • Hobbies Fishing

About Mark

Brief Bio

After spending many years in commercial printing, Kramer became a first-year school teacher at DuSable High School in Chicago Public Schools. After 6 years of teaching and administration, Kramer became Principal of Rich East High School in Park Forest, IL and began developing a manufacturing program in machining and welding.

After placing 5 seniors from the first cohort of 12 students at a local company with $36,000 employment offers, including full health coverage, tuition reimbursement, and retirement benefits, before they earned their high school diplomas. The program grew from 12 students to 240 students in 3 district high schools with 3 full-time instructors in one calendar year.

Kramer retired from education to start REmark Training, Inc. which is a consulting company that offers expertise and training programs in machining and welding throughout the Chicago suburban region.

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Company profile

REmark Training, Inc. works with workforce development agencies by providing a conduit between manufacturing companies and regional high school programs. To date, Kramer (REmark Training, Inc.) has started 5 different high school programs in the south suburbs and is excited to be working with longtime associates: Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation, OAI, and 3Seeds in developing a larger network of programs for the region.